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My Why

     This is a picture of my (Grace-the Artisan) little boy Timothy.  He was 17 months in this picture and the light of our lives.  Just two weeks after this picture was taken he got what we thought was a stomach ache..but after a restless night he stopped breathing while my husband was holding him.     We rushed him to the hospital and after 15 minutes of CPR they revived him, he was taken to a children's hospital in Las Vegas where he coded two more times...and they brought him back.      He had emergency exploratory surgery to find out that his intestines had twisted internally (Like a hose that is kinked)  the pressure built up and cut off the blood supply which eventually is what led to him not breathing and cardiac arrest.         The surgeon said that his intestines weren't attached properly in utero and that his condition happens to less than 1% of people.   Oh how I wish he wasn't in

that small minority.

     He stayed in the hospital 5 more months...we both did.  But his brain had suffered irreversible damage from the lack of oxygen that he was in a vegetative state.      On October 22, 2017 he passed into eternity and I am sure is having an incredible time in heaven.  But we miss him so very much.  There is a lot of darkness in this world, but that's why I started a candle company to spread light and joy and happiness.       Because of that 50% of all proceeds are donated to Samaritan's Purse Charity every year we pack 100 boxes for the year of Timothy's birthday so this year he would have been 3 years old so we will pack 300 boxes that will go to needy kids all over the world.  


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